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Help Us To Help You - Some things you should keep in mind when sending music to be mixed!

We can do a lot to transform your raw music into a great sounding mix, but we've listed out some things here that you can be mindful of when making your music and preparing your files for sending. We can discuss these trhough with you prior to you submitting your music.

  1. Correctly label all tracks - The format we like is simply the name of the instrument that it is. It's not helpful for us if your tracks are simply your band mates' name!

  2. All from point zero. We need all tracks of the song to be from the same place, so we can slot them in sync, into a ProTools session easily.

  3. Dry is best. Wherever possible, make sure the tracks your sending over are unaffected, so make sure you turn off all plug ins you may have set up in your session.

  4. No false stereo tracks. Depending on how you export your tracks, some DAWs create the tracks in stereo, even if the source track is in mono. Please make sure you are sending the correct type. Mono needs to be mono, stereo needs to be stereo.

  5. Have a reference mix ready. Send us a couple of reference mixes as part of sending the files.

  6. WAV or AIFF Format. All audio tracks to be in WAV or AIFF format only. This ensures the highest quality. They should also be either 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHz.

  7. If possible, send your DIs. If you have them, send them over. We have a range of amps, and world class microphones so re-amping is sometimes the best option whne trying to get bass and guitars.

  8. Good editing. If you are consolidating a few parts on one track in your session, make sure you use cross fades and fades at their beginning and end. Not doing so can result in pops and clicks.

That's it! Pretty straight forward but will make a big difference to your mix session.

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